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CC Tillery is the pseudonym of two sisters, both authors who came together to write the story of their great-aunt Bessie Daniels Elliott in the Appalachian Journey series and once that was concluded continued writing Appalachian historical fiction with the Brown Mountain Lights series. Tillery is their maiden name and the C’s stand for their first initials.

One C is Cyndi Tillery Hodges (on the left), who passed away in 2022.  Cyndi was a multi-published author who wrote under the pseudonym Caitlyn Hunter. She was the author of the Eternal Shadows series and Winds of Fate, all paranormal romances based on Cherokee legends. She also wrote several contemporary romance short stories and two fantasy novellas.

The other C is Christy Tillery French (on the right). Christy is a multi-published, award-winning writer whose books cross genres including romantic suspense,  psychological suspense, and dystopia. She is the author of The Bodyguard series and five stand-alone suspense novels.

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Book Seven of The Brown Mountain Lights Series is now available

"Traversing the Brown Mountain Lights", Book 7 in our Brown Mountain Lights series, is now available in ebook and paperback format. Hardback and audiobook coming soon!

This book takes Lizzie and her husband Jonah through three centuries as they travel from Lizzie's time in the 20th century back to the 19th century, at a dangerous and unstable period of time in the South, to try to change the fates of Lizzie's former fiance and his wife, then forward in time to the war-ravaged 21st century to learn the fates of and hopefully help the friends they left behind.

Will Lizzie return to her time, where she feels safe and secure, or will she once more find herself stranded in another century, where danger lurks around every corner?
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Book 6

Book Six of The Brown Mountain Lights Series is now available

We recently released Leaving the Brown Mountain Lights, book six of our Brown Mountain Lights series. It’s available at Amazon as an ebook and paperback. Hardback and audiobook coming soon!

We hope you enjoy Lizzie’s journey as she and her fiance Jonah, her best friend and fellow healer Abbie, and the people of Brown Mountain and Morganton prepare to defend the mountain against a mysterious invading foreign army.  As people flee the invading force, Lizzie’s skills as a healer are in constant demand tending to the sick and injured and her conflict with her nemesis Constable Jackson resolves in an unforeseen way. When the army finally infiltrates the mountain, Lizzie is once more forced to make a decision: stay and fight for the mountain or step into her light to safety?
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Book 5

Book Five of the Appalachian Journey Series now available

We’re happy to announce that Granny Woman, Book 5 of the Appalachian Journey series, is now available as a Kindle ebook and will shortly be available in paperback and hardback at Amazon. This is actually an interim book, written during a year in the lives of Bessie and Fletcher Elliott when Fletch went to work in a coal mine in Beckley, West Virginia in hopes of saving their struggling farm during the Great Depression.

Granny Woman or Granny Witch is an Appalachian term applied to women who were healers and diviners, usually of Celt and Cherokee blood. Since Bessie definitely qualified, we felt it an apt name for the book.

This was an interesting book to write due to the history and subject, and much research went into coal mining and miners. Although we initially didn’t think we would write about this simply because it was a dark year in Bessie’s and Fletch’s lives, we are glad we did because it gave us a chance to illustrate the hardships and dangers of coal mining while extolling the miners who risk their lives in order to ensure our every day comfort.

We hope you enjoy spending time with Bessie and Fletch as well as meeting a host of new characters and circumstances. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments. We love hearing from our readers.
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